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The world is small!  Lets backup a bit, it’s August and I’m at Gnomedex in Seattle watching Bre Pettis present a killer movie of his maker bot making egg salt and pepper shakers and a figure head of Darth Vader.  Bre lives in NYC and the girls that were making the eggs are Loz and Kegan of Design Glut.  I thought the video was cool and the Maker Bot rocked.  Then Gnomedex ended.  Now it’s mid September, Marc and I bought a jetBlue all you can jet pass and are hitting 10 cities in 30 days.

I emailed a few people on Couch Surfing that live in NYC for a place to stay while in town.  Liz got back to me and offered her place.  After making my way over to Liz’s place in Brooklyn I still had no idea who she was.  Then I saw the egg on her table and it dawned on me, you’re the girl from the Maker Bot video!  It was a really strange small world experience, maybe you had to be there 😉

Liz and Kegan are really talented and cool people!  Take a look at Design Glut.  In their spare time, they also interview entrepreneurs and post blogs on their page!  Here is what they posted after an intense interview!  Startup Weekend Interview liz_kegan_2