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Startup Weekend returned to Dallas for the 4th time, drawing a crowd of  75 startup enthusiasts ready to take on the 54-hour challenge!  Startup Weekend always conjures up a diverse crowd and Dallas was no different, drawing participants from as far as Kansas, and as young as 15 years old.  A huge congratulations goes out to all participants, organizers, mentors, and volunteers on an outstanding event!

A recap from lead organizer, Brad Anderson:

“It was great to see the Dallas startup scene thriving more and more. It’s been our largest turnout ever for Dallas. Nearly 75 registrants, with one as young as 15 years old, and another coming all the way from Kansas. It’s just incredible. People bonded and made some great friends, similar to how it would be if they went to school or war together.  My own quote for the weekend is ‘Startup Fever…Catch It!” A big thank you to Gabriella Draney for letting us use Tech Wildcatters to host the event, Ben Walker for helping organize, and Tyler Koblasa from Ming.ly, Rahim Sonawalla from Twilio, and Jon Mumm for helping as well.”

Organizers: Brad Anderson

Mentors: Tyler Koblasa (Ming.ly); Rahim Sonawalla  (Twilio); Jon Mumm (Tokbox)

Speakers: Erick Flatt (Tunnel Vision, SweatGUTR.com); Tiffany Sunday (Dillon5.com); Chris Abrams (SWDallas and Tech Wildcatters veteran)

Winning Teams:

  • 1st Place: Queued At
    • Share Smarter Across Your Social Networks
    • @Queued_At
  • 2nd Place: Blackbox Aviation Systems
    • Put aviation manuals/books on your iPad and in the cloud.
    • @BlackBoxAvSys
  • 3rd Place: Insider Edge
    • Provide real time info for traders to your mobile device
    • @InsiderEdge

Press:  The Next Web

Visit http://dallas.startupweekend.org for more information!