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Who would have thought that the Startup Weekend Education in Bay Area last week would have inspired a few funny fellows to create their own website?

If you must know, Startup Weekend Education really got a big finish with 27 pitches, and 8 wonderful teams who pitched their ideas last Sunday, on the 29th of August. Although all presentations were different in their own way, there was one common theme that united their ideas: to make education as interactive and as fun as possible.

Eric Kerr and Ben Gilbert, who both watched the demo presentations that Sunday, also observed another thing: all startups were catering to single niches. One startup niched towards kids under 13, while another startup was geared as an online game for math learners. One startup even focused into language learning.

While watching, Kerr and Gilbert had this funny idea of mixing and matching the startups and their niches, and out of this idea came the website itsthisforthat.com. All a visitor has to do is click on the Refresh button and you’ll get tons of crazy mixed and matched answers for the question, “Wait, so what does your startup do?” You’ll get answers like “neutral network for ugly people”, or “new social platform for Chinese take-out!” People will certainly get a kick out of this website. Who knows, you might just get some inspiration for your own startup just by clicking often enough.

via TechCrunch