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What Is This Startup Weekend You Speak Of?

So what is this Startup Weekend anyway and why should I even consider attending? …was my stance a few months ago. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve heard of Startup Weekend in passing, but had no desire to attend. Frankly, I had no clue what it actually, well, was.

Enter Gnomedex, an annual tech and social media conference hosted by Chris Pirillo. Gnomedex is going into its 10th consecutive year, five of which have been held in Seattle. This year, I helped Chris co-organize Gnomedex and we extended Clint Nelsen & Marc Nager of Startup Weekend invitations. You see, the tech community is small and we try to support each other as best we can… which Clint did, by coming to Gnomedex. Since Clint supported us, it was only courteous for us to attend Startup Weekend.

I walked into the Redmond Startup Weekend with zero expectations… and boy, am I glad we went. I am not a developer, a VC, nor an entrepreneur. I certainly have no interest in the startup lotto game — mainly because I do not have the resources to plan and execute the next million dollar idea.  But I am a geek. I love technology, addicted to the Internet, and all about innovation.

Reading the About page did not adequately prep me for my first Startup Weekend. I say that only because there are things in the world words cannot do justice. i.e. the vibe of a room packed with collaborating minds, charged by creative energy. I actually wanted to jump in and work with one of the teams.

While there are many who talk about changing the world, few are doers. Simply, Startup Weekend is a depot of collective minds who are looking to do. Even if your product may not be covered by a major publication or scouted by angels, Startup Weekend is one of the best forums to connect with other like minded individuals. And that, folks, is what Startup Weekend is all about.

So what are you waiting for? Find your nearest Startup Weekend and sign up!