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The busiest city in the world and also a hotbed of startup activity. From Foursquare to Etsy, from Secondmarket to Hunch, there’s a lot of activity going on in the city. If you haven’t any excuse to visit the Big Apple, then let Startup Weekend New York provide you with the perfect one to visit the city on September.

And because everybody goes to New York for something exciting and fresh, Startup Weekend will bring something new to the table as well: Girls in Tech – one of Startup Weekend’s generous sponsors – are sending 50 female developers in for that weekend. 50 more tickets are available for the taking, so you better make sure you’re first in line for the tickets. Play your cards right and you might be the team who grabs the awesome prize of pitching their idea at the McGraw-Hill Conference Center for the Startup Summit on September 20!

Mark your calendars; September 10 to 12 are the dates for Startup Weekend New York. Venue will be at New Work City’s new pad at the 5th floor on 394 Broadway.

With the population stats saying that the female- male ratio is up by 5 to 1, it’s just reasonable to bring in more opportunities for all you women out there. So “change the ratio” and grab the opportunity this September during Startup Weekend New York.