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Startup Weekend took Mexico by storm once again, this time hosted by the Guadalajara startup community.  ITESO (Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara) provided 24-hour access to the 80 participants who diverged into 11 teams. We extend a huge congratulations to the Guadalajara entrepreneurial community on an awesome event!

A recap from facilitator, Santiago Zavala:

“This was my first time facilitating a Startup Weekend and I was really excited about it. The people started to show up even before 6:00 pm on Friday. I told them to start networking and they did a pretty awesome job at it. The kickoff and the pitches went really well, especially because of all the networking that happened at the beginning. There were tons of good ideas, we had more than 50% of the people pitch an idea!  The venue was really awesome, we were hosted by a very big university and it was pretty extreme. They allowed us to stay all night, and that was really fun.  The presentations on Sunday were really good, including one non-technical company demo-ing a product to clean cars without water by cleaning a car wheel. Most teams presented their prototypes live, some others used videos/screenshots.  The energy and emotions are still pretty high even a couple of days after the event. Check out the Facebook group  and some pictures!”

Organizers: Ruy Cervantes, Argel Arias, Santiago ZavalaJosé Enrique Chacón, Francisco Anguiano Ramos, Ruben MedellinRamón  Escobar

Facilitator: Santiago Zavala

Winning Teams:

  • 1st Place: Contabot
    • Very simple yet powerful accounting SaaS application for the Mexican market
  • Runner-Up:  PlayVC
    • A game, which consists of a simulated stock market for startups. All the information comes from the crunchbase API
  • Runner-Up: CreaTuBunsen
    • A “do your own comic” iPad application using assets from a very famous Mexican web comic