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startup weekend, sxsw, austin, startups, business, google, mixologyThat’s right, the Startup Weekend team is braving the potential downpours and heading to Austin for SXSW. We would love to see you all there and we’ve got some awesome events [and parties!] you can come visit us at.

And you thought the SW in SXSW was for Southwest…psh, ya’ll know it means Startup Weekend.

Come visit us for some great times!

Thursday, March 8th:

SOSummit: The second annual Startup Organizers Summit will kick off bright and early.   Organizers from all over the world will come together to share stories, talk strategy, and work on some of the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the SW community.  Sounds like fun, eh?  Well, if you want to join us next year, bring SW to your town! More info on becoming an event organizer can be found here.

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Friday, March 9th:

Startup Weekend, Twilio, and Zaarly Party: It’s gonna be gnarly! Free drinks and multiple DJs? You can’t beat that. Check out the event page here, things start rolling at Kingdom at 8pm so come see us.


Saturday, March 10th:

Love science and cocktails? Us too. That’s why we’re hosting an event combining the artistry of master mixologists shaken with the science behind the craft. Our goal is to enlighten developer cocktail enthusiasts through a hands-on interactive mixology experience. Be guided through various techniques, tricks and tastes.

Things start at 6pm so come chill with us and our awesome co-host, Google, at Icenhauer’s. More info here! It’s science, plus drinks, plus Google, plus Startup Weekend, what more could you ask for?

Monday, March 12th:

Mmm, can’t go to Texas and not get some BBQ! Join us at the Microsoft Bizpark ‘Meat Up’ at the Beauty Bar in Austin for some delicious dinner. We’re chowing down at 5:30 so don’t miss out! More info and RSVP right here.

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