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It’s always exciting to hear that Startup Weekend motivates many start-uppers to take the plunge and start their own business, but it’s really exciting to hear that Startup Weekend also inspires people to step up and organize their own events, just like a software architect in Bothell did.

Meet Eric Azar, who took it upon himself to plan and organize an event call dotORG Weekend. His goal is to let the event be the perfect matchmaker between professionals who are experts in their fields, and non-profit organizations who need experts for their current and future projects. The event is set to launch at November 5 until 7.

Needless to say, non-profit organizations, more often than not, can have a hard time looking for people who can help them in different development projects, such as website renovations, marketing campaigns, blog updates, or even web applications that fits perfectly with the organization’s mission and vision. But there are good souls out there who are willing to share their time and skills with no strings attached. After all, if it’s for a good cause, why not be part of that good cause?

dotORG will be run similar to the Startup Weekend model: 3 days for 54 hours. Currently, it’s also looking for non-profit organizations who need help with their projects, and for volunteer professionals who can give the help needed. Signups are now open, so for NGOs out there apply now, and for professionals who are angels inside, volunteer now. Spread the word, and check out dotORG’s official website for more details.

via BizJournals