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Startup Weekend ventured to Kyoto, Japan for the first time uniting a crowd of 56 startupers with the common passion for collaboration and innovation, including one from Houston, Texas!  Leveraging Startup Weekend’s infectious energy, participants created 9 unique startups.  Congratulations to everyone involved in making this event such a great success!

A recap from lead organizer, Jonny Li:

“This is the first event for Kyoto and we are kicking this off with a startup battle between 3 major cities in Japan.  Although the Startup cultures and community are very young, I think Kyoto will start to see many more interesting new ideas grow!”

Organizers: Jonny Li , Dongyol Lee , Daisuke Yamashita

Winning Teams:

  • 1st Place: Kasa Sute
    • Kasa Sute is an umbrella sharing service. Often, people forget to bring their umbrella with them. They can be long and bulky, and even if you do, sometimes you end up forgetting it on a train or a bus. Kasa Sute tries to solve this problem through an umbrella sharing pool system. Each umbrella has an embedded RFID chip and can be scanned to show that you are checking it out. This system is like a library system for umbrellas!
  • 2nd Place:  Dekilog
    • Dekilog is a new habit building application. We all make New Year’s resolutions, whether it is to follow a diet plan or study something new. The problem is that we sometimes get sidetracked. Dekilog remedies this by creating a target list of goals that you want to complete and using the feed back model as one of the many gamification techniques to keep users engaged, it encourages the user to continue pursuing their goals.
  • 3rd Place: Toilet Panic
    • Toilet Panic saves you your perfect seat while you go to the restroom. If you are working in a coffee shop writing your thesis or whatever you do in the coffee shop, there comes a time when nature calls. When that does happen, you are stuck with one option, to take your computer and everything with you. It’s a shame because that would be a really nice seat with a powersocket, or it’s a pain to pack up. Enter Toilet Panic, an app designed to let others know about your toilet status and help find people to look over your belongings while you’re away.