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It looks like Phoenix, Arizona is joining the efforts of Startup Weekend to go around the States and around the world.

Come October 22 until the 24th, Startup Weekend Phoenix will make some magic for the local community to develop its startup scene. As usual, the event will launch on a Friday, where every participant is welcome to pitch their startup ideas in a span of 90 minutes. And the best ideas will be worked on by teams, and by the end of the weekend, which is on a Sunday, the teams will give each of their presentations.

Throughout the event, mentors and facilitators will be working around the clock with the teams to make sure they finish developing the startup idea before the Sunday presentation comes. Speakers will also be dropping by to share their tried and tested advice when it comes to building their own startup.

So far, the numbers are rounding up to more than a thousand startups launched, a whopping 20,000 entrepreneurs, and over a hundred cities all over the world has experienced the magic touch of Startup Weekend. Everyone in Phoenix, heck in all of Arizona, is welcome to join the Startup Weekend Phoenix, which will be held at CO-HOOTS, the new co-working space downtown at 825 North 7th Street. Sign up now for your tickets and we’ll see you there!

Via: PrLog