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Round 2 of Startup Weekend Madrid was made possible with the help of Ellas 2.0, a dynamic community founded with the purpose of promoting women in the creation of technology-based businesses.  Congratulations  to all organizers, mentors, speakers, and participants who made Startup Weekend Madrid such a great success!  Interested in learning more? Check out the info below.

Startup Weekend can come with its occasional challenges as Madrid on Rails lost its WIFI signal for nearly 3 hours.  Refusing to lose their positive and adaptable spirit, the 85 participants responded with humor, creating“WIFI hats” and proceeding to develop 10 innovative teams.  In the words of lead organizer Patricia Arapue,This second Startup Weekend Madrid has been awesome. I think it has been the most “multinational” SW in Spain until now. We had people from USA, France, Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, England, Ireland, and Ecuador.  We feel really happy with a participation of 37% women. We want to give thanks to our sponsors, Sage and HackFwd. Sage is a good partner who has made possible another SW in Spain.  Also, it’s a great honor for HackFwd to have chosen to sponsor us.  Mentors and investors did a super job helping the teams.  We are living amidst a horrible economic crisis in our country.  We need to change our productive model.  We need more entrepreneurs, and Startup Weekend is the perfect tool to startup “The Change”.  Being a part of this community makes us feel really special.”


Organizer(s)/ Facilitators: Ellas 2.0Patricia Araque, Begoña Miguel, Susana Perez, Ana Izquierdo, Beatriz Cardona, Isabel Ávila, Cristina Soriano

Speaker(s): Luis Martín CabiedesNina Alastrueys

Winning Teams:

  • Best Overall: Pinche Toys
    • USB toys which let children connect them to their computers and play online video games found inside the toys
    • @pinchetoys
  • Most Innovative: Aparkalo
    • Mobile app allowing you to find free parking spaces in your town
    • @aparkalo
  • Best Team: Suscriptia
    • New e-commerce engine allowing e-shops to sell their products through a subscription system
    • @suscriptia