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rover.com, startup weekend, techcrunchIf you have a dog (or even if you don’t) you may have heard of a Startup Weekend company called Rover.com that started just a year ago in Seattle. Well, they have been working hard the last year and have grown to a 9 person company and are aggressively trying to accomplish their goal of making it easy for you to find pet sitters wherever you may be. With about 5,000 registered pet sitters in 700 cities, their progress continues to make people notice. People like Micheal Arrington of TechCrunch, Andy Liu, and Madrona’s Venture Group.

In fact, the startup just raised $3.4 million from that group to to keep expanding it’s listings. They will focus on more cities as they move forward (they have mostly focused on Seattle and Portland until now) and expand it’s role in the handling of the transaction between sitters and pet owners.

Check out the full article here and always keep in mind what can happen when a good idea meets Startup Weekend!