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A long time ago in a volcanic island far, far away….
Episode IV
Matsuri Taikai
It is the summer of 2011, a period of innovation, exploration and experimentation. Groups of some what men and women grouped together to form alliances in 3 regions on the volcanic island that is know to the local as “Nippon”
The factions created from the 3 regions knew one another, exchanged pleasantries  but secretly (actually not that secretly to be honest) developed and worked on a new project that would win the hearts and minds of the natives of the island called “Nippon”…
Jonny to Lee: I can’t do this Star Wars style of writing any more Lee, Lee can I give this up PLEASE?
Let me write normal of gods sakes….
Lee to Jonny: But Yoda Style, I like. Continue, you must…
Jonny to Lee: I give up @_@
ジョニー曰く、じゃ〜、やめる (簡単に諦めるな!!)
So, back to the story, 1 month, 3 cities, 29 teams took part in the Matsuri Taikai. A friendly competition to mark a friendly debut of the new cities for Startup Weekend but also to help connect the Japanese Startup communities together.
The best ideas for each cities for the first week of September 2011 made their debut with a commercial to the world and you the public, voted for your favorite team.
The special Matsuri Taikai prize is 1 million Japanese Yen, supported by our wonderful supporters for Startup Weekend in Japan.
These included Movida Japan, Open Network Lab, Techsmith, Lockon, Ec Navi Ventures, Yumemi.
The prize was created in hopes to help seed and launch a team to really build a startup.
It is with great pleasure that we announce the winner of the Matsuri Taikai event:
Through out the month of August, we met so many talented people and awesome projects grown from the event and wished we could seed each and everyone of them but we hope that regardless of prize that is offered, the main point of what we are setting to do is not lost…
It’s about learning, connecting with good people and not giving up.
We will be back again on November 18-20 and this time we are taking on the rest of the planet!
On the week of November 14-20 is GEW and Startup Weekend is once again launching the Global Startup Battle. We will be competing amongst other chapters of Startup Weekend from around the world. If this sounds interesting for you, we hope to see you there!
今度の11月の14日から20日まではGEW(Global Entrepreneurship Week)の期間です。スタートアップウィークエンドは再びグローバルスタートアップバトルを開催します。我々は世界中の色々な都市と競い合うことになります。もし興味が湧いてきたらまた会場で会いましょう!
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