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Mexico City was the official home of Mexico’s second Startup Weekend! IntegralDF, a coworking space specially fit for designers, hackers and thinkers, housed 70 individuals of  just that variety as they came together to form 10 teams with the drive to build relationships, communities, and companies.  We would like to congratulate everyone who made this event possible!

Recap from organizer, Santiago Zavala:
“We had a great time during this weekend.  We definitely got the energy that the event requires and got to meet a lot of interesting entrepreneurs.  More than 50% of the people pitched an idea, and the teams worked really hard during the weekend.  It was amazing to be able to work with people from very different parts of Mexico with different points of view and expertise.  Many of the teams are going to have meetings this week to decide how to continue working on their projects, and there is definitely a lot of energy still in the air.  Thee is a Startup Weekend on 6/24 in Guadalajara (a 6 hour drive) and a lot of the assistants of this event are trying to figure out ways to go to that one, too!  Organizing this event was not easy, mostly because it was the first one here, but it was totally worth it!!!  We are starting to plan for another one in November!”
Organizers: Santiago ZavalaEnrique Díaz Eduardo Serrano César SalazarOmar Zaragosa
Facilitator: Kav Latiolais
Winning Teams:

  • 1st Place: Nuflick
    • Netflix for indie movies
  • 2nd Place: Deziro
    • A website where people can ask for things they desire and others can offer to make their wishes a reality
  • 3rd Place: PrestoGarage
    • A website that connects people who need parking with empty garages


For more information visit http://mexicocity.startupweekend.org