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Startup Weekend in Olympia, hosted at Olympia’s own St. Martin’s University, is seeking participants who have interesting and innovative entrepreneurial ideas … especially if they involve “Green” environmental technologies! This all-weekend 2010 event, held October 15 – 17, promises to be an ALL ACTION opportunity for participants to learn how to take their brilliant ideas to full product launch. Absolutely priceless information will be yours in an atmosphere of lively interaction with others.

The Olympia area has a long history and reputation for environmental awareness and its community is stacked with citizens who honor and value the amazing planet we live on. Individuals who have ideas on how to minimize our impact and footprint, maximize our technological proficiencies, or improve our immediate and long-term prospects are strongly encouraged to bring their thoughts and innovations forward! Your idea may have been thought of before, but has it been fielded and tested for viability? Your idea may be so unique that you’re the originator of a brand-new process, product or invention so share it! The world may be looking for it now!

Even if you believe that your ideas are mundane and routine, but you’re strongly interested in learning how to take a concept to market, Startup Weekend in Olympia is for you! For less than $80 and one exciting learning-filled weekend, you can gain information on how to develop your thoughts and concepts, build upon them with effective strategizing and planning, and learn to pitch your beliefs to those who count … your potential customers, vendors, and investors.

Olympia Startup Weekend is an opportunity that cannot be missed for those who have a drive to build an exciting and vision-filled future! Visit olympia.startupweekend.org to learn more, register, and talk with other participants in our Google group! October 15 – 17, 2010 is right around the corner!

Thanks to the Jerry, Cynthia and the folks over at SW Olympia for putting this together!