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Because of the very successful first Startup Weekend last March, Omaha has decided to open another Startup Weekend event next week on September 10 to 12. That will be 3 days of weekend fun from Friday to Saturday.

If you’re still a newbie and don’t know what you can get from Startup Weekend, then let us break it down for you: Startup Weekend is the perfect place to take your ideas up and running and become your very own startup. And if you don’t have an idea, you’re welcome to leech off someone else’s idea, provided that you team up with them in making a startup business in 54 hours.

Startup Weekend is also a great opportunity to mix and match with bright and innovative minds in your state, which can lead to excellent brainstorming, long friendships, and possibly a very good business partnership.

Although Startup Weekend’s motto is “learning by doing,” the event also brings in the big boys: speakers, mentors, and possibly seed investors participants will be learning from and get some prizes if they win the “Best Presentation” award.

And if you need more reasons to join the event, maybe free meals and a cheap entrance ticket of $45 will convince you to come. Think hard, but not too long, because Startup Weekend Omaha is up on September 10 next week. Venue will be at What Cheer, Secret Penguin, and CAMP Coworking in the Mastercraft building (address is 1111 North 13th Street). Hope to see you there!

via Silicon Prarie