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Startup Weekend and Startup America have closely aligned values and visions, which is why we are so pleased to announce that we are a Partner Program with Startup America.  Partnerships between organizations focused on entrepreneurship are particularly important now.

As Startup Weekend Co-Director Marc Nager says, “This phenomenon called entrepreneurship is something that is essential to the American ideal and culture that has made us the most innovative society on the planet. And it is this fabric of American culture that will help us emerge from the current challenges we face as a nation.”

Both organizations are committed to empowering entrepreneurs on a massive scale. Nager continues, “Startup Weekend has the infrastructure and mission which are essential to supporting grassroots entrepreneurship across the US. We have a huge impact in communities around the world, not just through our weekend events, but by exposing thousands of entrepreneurs to the life changing opportunities of entrepreneurship. And by bringing together all the significant players in the startup ecosystem, Startup America is helping make the reality of launching a startup a lot more than just a dream for millions of people.”

Simply put, Startup America’s mission is direction aligned with that of Startup Weekend.

Follow the links for more information on Startup America and all the Partner Programs.  We hope to see you at a future Startup Weekend event!