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In Startup Weekend Profiles, we highlight teams and ideas that made it big during Startup Weekend. Big enough, in fact, to get noticed by folks willing to get those ideas off the ground and turn them into a full-blown venture.

Score.ly unlocked its own achievement when it bagged the top prize in the NYC Startup Weekend held last June. AOL Ventures awarded David Leibowitz and Elizabeth Fuller, the founders of Score.ly, a $10,000 scholarship to kick-start their idea and bring it to the masses. Shirley Xu, an associate with AOL Ventures, remarks, “Above all else, we chose the team that we believe had the highest potential to execute and move forward as a world-class company. We liked many of the concepts at Startup Weekend, but the Score.ly team is exceptionally dedicated.”

What is Score.ly all about? Score.ly wants to put some gaming into your real life. You know the feeling you get when you finally finish an RPG quest or topple the final boss in a game? Well, Score.ly aims give you that same high but better: it verifies your offline achievements so you can tell everyone how great you are in real life. It’s bragging rights gone social.

How did Score.ly start? David says it wasn’t just a single “Aha!” moment that brought about the idea; it was more like several light bulbs that came together and eventually birthed the final concept of Score.ly. A lot of emerging technologies like scalable, cost-efficient cloud hosting and increased data integration for brands merged together and made the site possible.

If you think after such a big win that the team is resting on its ten-grand laurels, David says what they are doing is quite the opposite. Unlike some Startup Weekend attendees, this isn’t a hobby for the Score.ly team: they have been “pursing this dream full-time and have done so since day one.”

“Our biggest issues,” David adds, “are all of the challenges of a typically company; but doing so with fewer resources. Human capital and time are big issues when you code with the left hand, layout Illustrator graphics with the right, slam phones for customer dev with your left foot and do ‘meta-work’ (operations/corporate organization/legal/etc.) with the right.”

The site is still in a closed beta and the founders have been mum about what they plan for the coming months. Despite that, we have extremely high hopes for Score.ly and we’re pretty sure that it will be something big and truly “game” changing.