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In Startup Weekend Profiles, we highlight teams and ideas that made it big during Startup Weekend. Big enough, in fact, to get noticed by folks willing to get those ideas off the ground and turn them into a full-blown venture.

We’ve talked a little bit about SubMate a while back in passing but this time around, we have a chance to talk more about its founder, Laurent Kretz, and how he wants to introduce a new and fun way to meet people during your daily trips.

SubMate has been an idea running around Laurent’s head for sometime before it was even put to paper. It wasn’t until his stint at the Paris Startup Weekend that it really came into fruition. Of course, we know Laurent was never lacking in experience when it came to creating companies; he sold his startup, CabEasy, a short while before attending SW Paris after all. It was really the energy of a Startup Weekend that gave the final 54-hour push to get SubMate’s engines running.

Essentially, SubMate lets you connect with people you see everyday; those you bump into during your daily commute, who hang out in the same shops as you or maybe that girl or guy you’ve been eyeing a few blocks from your apartment. It’s your local dashboard, as SubMate’s tag line says.

SubMate was born when he started living in NYC a while back and asked a Puerto Rican girl out for coffee after seeing her a few times in the subway. Laurent then realized that he, “was meeting hundred of people every day before, during and after [his] subway commutes, and that it would be incredibly cool to discover all of them.”

It’s a great idea, actually, since you already see these people everyday and they know you as well. SubMate takes that connection and turns it into a closer relationship. It’s not just for hooking up, which is an obvious result of using SubMate, but it’s also great for discovering other people who might share the same interests as you. It even lets you discover things to do that are right on your commute, events you and your new acquaintances can share (and you don’t even have to take a detour!)

There’s a lot of things to watch out for in this startup’s future. While revenue generation isn’t a priority for the team, putting up a great product is. Wait for their relaunch coming this September as well as an API by the end of the year that will let other sites tap into SubMate and integrate it into their services. SubMate is now available in several major cities from New York to London, Paris to Hong Kong and you can even add your own city  to the roster. SubMate is available in the iPhone and on your browser and there are plans to get an Android app out real soon.

If you want to learn more about SubMate, follow them or become a fan. Better yet, sign up and maybe you can even bump into Laurent one of these days,