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If you ever wondered where lots of cool software comes from… it comes from right around where I’m hanging out this weekend.

I’m at Startup Weekend Silicon Valley. It’s my fourth weekend startup event in 2009. I’m on a team working on a fashion application we’re callingDress Me Sue (”Closet full of clothes, nothing to wear”).

So what’s it like?

100+ people crammed into Hacker Dojo, a tilt wall warehouse in Mountain View California dedicated to fast code development in a shared space of like-minded hackers.

We’re set up with laptops around a bunch of conference tables. It’s a little too warm upstairs, a little too cold downstairs.

Pizza. Beer. Coffee at midnight.

Some very, very bright people hammering on very, very good ideas. Very loud Phutureprimitive downtempo in the headphones, using Skype to communicate with team members sitting at the same table.

I’ve been to a lot of conferences. Startup Weekend is only conference I’ve been to where everyone leaves with more than they brought. Not everyone is successful building a viable business, but the experience and the networking are incredible.

And there is a team prototyping their application in WordPress. They don’t have a single programmer on the team, but between the 6 of them, they have been able to hack through the WordPress code base to get what they want. It’s pretty crazy really. They’re using the builtin WordPress theme editor and using FTP to share files with each other.

From a software engineering point of view, that’s crazy and hideous… they’re modifying actual WordPress tables! Yikes! But really, it’s hilarious. I think they’re having at least as much fun as anyone else at Startup Weekend.

I don’t like to post on Saturday or Sunday, but I’m making an exception because I’m having so much fun, and I think most of you would have a blast at an event like this. Maybe not for cutting code, but perhaps for blogging. Wish you were here.