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Today we are continuing to post the most frequently asked questions regarding the Startup Weekend events. You are also welcome to ask us anything else that is not clear for you, by sending us an email on skopje@startupweekend.org

Do I need to be a team in order to participate at the event?

No, you can be a team or you can come by yourself and we will find you the best group of people that will suite your interest and needs!

Can I come to the event if I don’t have an idea to present?

Of course, you can come and join one of the teams that will be presenting at the event. Keep in mind that Startup Weekend is great for networking and learning.

Can Startup Weekend have ownership rights to ideas or products that will be presented at the event?

No! Startup Weekend is a non-profit organization and the ownership rights are completely up to the teams and participants.

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Eva Piperevska