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Ok so you are almost convinced that you will definitely join Startup Weekend Skopje this year! Well here are some more answers to your concerns regarding the event!

Do you know what team are being formed at the event?

We allow the teams to form themselves. Once the pitches are done we allow everyone to gravitate to the idea they would like to pursue for the weekend. Generally teams of approximately 6-7 members work best. Feel free to get your friends and colleagues together to put some pieces of the team together in advance, but don’t shy away from adding new people who you meet for the first time.

How will I know what someone else’s speciality is?

Every specialist will have different colour. For ex. marketing experts will be with blue, programmers will wear yellow ect.

Do I need to bring a computer?

Yes, make sure to bring a computer – laptops are preferred of course but whatever you need to get the job done.

Anything else I should bring?

Business cards. This event will be the best place for you to do some networking as well.

How much does it cost?

Cost to participate is €29.99 and you have to buy a ticket to officially become registered. Students can grab a ticket for €14.99. The cost includes food/drinks to be provided throughout the weekend. If you register early, you can take advantage of early bird prices of €19.99. Please register here.

Why do you need to pay so you can attend the event?

There are two main reasons for the associated ticket price:

• This is a way to partially cover the costs of organizing the event; it is not enough to cover all associated costs, but we try to raise the rest from sponsors

• It is also a way to ensure a positive level of commitment from the participants, while still keeping the event affordable and accessible


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Eva Piperevska