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Members of Taipei’s entrepreneurial community joined forces to launch 11 innovative startups at Taiwan’s first, but certainly not last, Startup Weekend.  The event brought together 130 local startup enthusiasts, as well as over 70 volunteers, mentors, speakers, judges, and members of the press.  Congratulations to the teams, volunteers, and devoted community members who offered their time and talents on an awesome event!

A recap from lead organizer, Volker Heistermann:

“This was the inaugural Startup Weekend event – sold out – in Taiwan!  We launched it at Taiwan’s new IEH (Int’l Entrepreneurship Hub) at National Chengchi University. Attendees are already asking when we’ll host the next event and comments ranged from ‘changed my life and way of thinking’ to ‘now we have alternatives to working for larger companies at low pay’.  Teams are still working on their ideas and we’ll meet again in 4 weeks to review the progress.”

Organizers: Volker Heistermann, Elias Ek

SpeakersCharles Kuai (President of Ubee)Rui Ma (Venture Capitalist)Alvin Woon (Founder of Plurk), Roger Chen (VP FarEasTone)Jeremy Yuan, Alex Chen (Founder of EZTable)

Winning Teams: 

  • 1st Place: Food Jing
    • Want to search for food or restaurants nearby but don’t know where to start?  Food Jing provides a simple way to do so.  Search for your favorite dish, and we’ll show you all the restaurants nearby serving it!
  • 2nd Place:  Vetter
    • Vetter can help you extract product ideas, efficiency ideas… even Christmas party ideas – that can help you make more money.  Set it up in minutes, simple analytics included, plans start from just $29 a month.
  • 3rd Place: EZCOOK
    • EZCook is a recipe exchange service which allows people to upload their own recipes and search for new recipes when one only has limited resoucres.