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If you are an entrepreneur who wants to learn everything there is to know about starting a business from the inside out, then you know how hard it can be to build your business from the bottom up. With all the government tax policies that might slap you in the face, entrepreneurs are getting discouraged to make it big in the business world, but clearly that’s not enough disappointment for them to quit. Today, entrepreneurs are taking things in their own hands with the help of Startup Weekend.

In the business world, sometimes it’s not always about who you know, but it’s how many you know. In all Startup Weekend sessions, successful businessmen, company presidents, big-shot investors and capitalists are always invited to speak and meet aspiring entrepreneurs. Almost always, people who want to start a business would like to start one in their own home state, so meeting and getting advice from successful people in their locale would help a lot. And if all goes well, they might get an instant funding and that’s one big step in making their startup business come true.

Startup Weekend not only inspires entrepreneurs to be successful by inviting established entrepreneurs, they also give a chance to those hopeful entrepreneurs through “learning by creating” and actually giving them a chance to work on an idea throughout the weekend, as well as launch those ideas by the end of that Startup Weekend session.

According to Adam Bluestein in his essay “Startup Nation: Revitalizing the Entrepreneurial Network”, 36% of the companies that began through Startup Weekend are still going strong after three months, and 10% become an official company that actually earns a fair amount of revenue.

Entrepreneurs are revamping the idea of networking and are taking it to the next level by meeting not only people who are like them, but also different people who can complement their team in what they lack.

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