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Jonathan Ortmans’ excellent article, “Tunisia’s Tipping Point” (January 18, 2011) on the Kauffman Foundation site entrepreneurship.org is both insightful and thought-provoking.  Ortman states that the dissenting young Tunisians are uprising “not so much [as] a call for personal and political freedom, but for economic freedom and opportunity.”  While it is easy to focus on the fear, uncertainty, and tension, Ortman sees the frustration that led to the uprising as coming from young Tunisians’ desire for job opportunities and professional self-determination.

Startup Weekend has seen first hand the strong desire Tunisians have for entrepreneurship.  Unfortunately, due to the civil unrest, Startup Weekend had to cancel SW Tunis, which would have kicked off this Friday.  Despite the setback, the entire organizational team in Tunis remains optimistic about the future and is already working on rescheduling the event.  Startup Weekend admires the tenacity and determination of the Tunisian entrepreneurial community and is eager to do all we can to support and encourage them.