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Startup Weekend Twin Cities just came to an end last week with their weekend event from September 17 to 19. The event actually hit an all-time high for the most number of first-time attendees. For those who missed out on the event last week, read down below for the summary of the winning teams.

Heavy Analytics came in third with their idea of an analytics engine specially for BuddyPress. If you’re familiar with WordPress, you’ll know BuddyPress is an add-on that gives “social network features” to a user’s management platform. The team developed Heavy Analytics to provide you a more comprehensive “metrics and usage information” when you install BuddyPress, which gives your WordPress blog a new level of interaction between you and your readers.

Making it at second place is RockYourBlock. RockYourBlock is an app that lets teens look for part-time jobs from reliable and trustworthy adults in their neighborhood via social networks. The app also helps teens build their resumes for their job, whether it’s babysitting, dog-walking or even lawn mowing. These resumes will help them find more jobs around the neighborhood once they’re done with their first gig.

Making it at the top is QONQR, which is a location-based social game. If you put Foursquare and the board game Risk together, it probably would have become QONQR, in which players can hop from one location to another and plant their “Nanobots” and “conquer” (hence QONQR) the territories. Players are grouped into three teams, but individual players can earn their own badges and points depending on their participation. Real-time results are displayed as you move along the game.

As the grand winner, the team behind QONQR will be able to pitch their idea at midVenturesLAUNCH next week at Chicago.

Startup Weekend Twin Cities was such a hit that a second event is actually in the works for November. So if missed the event last week, watch out the upcoming one and don’t pass up the chance to build your startup idea with like-minded people.

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