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It’s always great to learn about Startup Weekend alumni forging ahead on their own using the lessons they’ve learned. Today’s post turns the spotlight on Justin Peck, the man behind Qonqr. The ominous name is an exciting location-based app best described as a straightforward RTS-meets-social-media. The stakes aren’t high but the payoff is everyone’s inner-most desire: world domination. Fascinated? Scared? Both?

Developed by a fanatical team of diehard gamers, Justin Peck is but one man in a unit that consists of teammates Jessy Houle, Scott Davis, and Andy Pickett. Together they have brought the world Qonqr, where players use their mobile devices to deploy nanobots to a specific area and battle for control, with each successive victory bringing them closer to utter domination. Nanobots. Battle. Domination. It’s an unbeatable combo. No wonder Justin Peck and his team aced Startup Weekend Twin Cities.

Since Qonqr is newly launched, Justin and the gang are still formulating plans to solve their funding needs. They’re also hard at work bringing Qonqr to every format available and ultimately debuting it on PC. During a recent interview he also admitted that Qonqr is in dire need of expansion, with designers and marketing people welcome to hop aboard. These hiccups aside, Qonqr has an ace up its sleeve. Its core theme of strategy has an appeal all its own and the team propelling it forward have enough foresight to build, build, build. It’s a constant uphill battle, but was conquest achieved any other way?

To have a go at forging a global empire, why not drop by Qonqr and succumb to the absolute power?

Via: Twin Cities Business