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Because Startup Weekend has the tradition of bringing in the big guns for its national and international events, Startup Weekend Vancouver is thrilled to have Donald DeSantis as one of the speakers for its event.

Donald is a designer and a developer who has racked up quite a few experiences with Startup Weekend. He has led a team during Startup Weekend Portland, and also another team at a Startup Weekend Seattle event that eventually won the grand prize. Since then, he has helped Startup Weekend by writing some code, has leveled up to become a mentor, even leading the Startup Weekend Oman, the first in the whole of Middle East.

As a designer, Donald also feels that a product should always have a “human-centered design.” A well-designed product should always be perceptive, meaning it should cater to what people need right now, and would be able to predict what people will need in the future. It should also be organized, and of course, visually pleasing to the eye. Nobody wants to look at a website with a messy and unappealing interface. So, if you have an idea in mind for a tech startup idea, thinking about having a human-centered design might give you brownie points come Startup Weekend Vancouver.

Startup Weekend Vancouver starts from October 8th until the 10th. As Donald said, Startup Weekend is an opportunity to “really roll up your sleeves and work with people you’ve met at happy hours or conferences.” The least you can get out of Startup Weekend is having “lasting bonds” among yourselves, which isn’t pretty bad.

So get your tickets now and have some a productive and awesome weekend at Startup Weekend Vancouver.