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As Startup Weekend travels all around the world, it has made its stopover at the lovely country of Italy, and Startup Weekend Milan is now in the works.

Startup Weekend Milan is officially opening on October 15 until the 17th, and the event has recently partnered with StartupBusiness to make things more fun. StartupBusiness was founded in 2008 to help the growth of businesses. The Chamber of Commerce in Milan supported the company and gave them financial assistance until 2009.

Today, StartupBusiness has more than 1700 members to help organize events, and Startup Weekend Milan is lucky enough to be one of them. With the help of StartupBusiness, Startup Weekend Milan is hoping to create the right atmosphere to form good business relationships, and to spur everyone to actively participate in the innovation ecosystem.

Other companies are joining Startup Weekend Milan as sponsors. Leading the pack as the platinum sponsor is HubMilano, and other contributing sponsors are BAIA (Business Association Italy America, Startup Digest, and GeekAgenda. The event is still in the planning stages, but the tickets are already available, and the venue is already set at Via Paolo Sarpi.

If you’re looking for an event to push through your startup business plans and connect with more people, then Startup Weekend Milan will be perfect for you. Tickets are already selling so grab yours ASAP. We also have tickets for the Sunday Demo Night, in case you can’t make it through the entire weekend.