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As part of its around-the-world event, Startup Weekend is sharing the love at Startup Weekend Chile. Destination: Santiago!

Looks like Startup Weekend will be spending December in Chile as it rounds up the brightest minds when it comes to entrepreneurs, marketers, developers, designers, managers, and everyone else in between who wants to make it big in the startup world.

Although the standard model of Startup Weekend is doing the entire process in three weekends (usually from Fridays to Sundays) in a span of 54 hours, the event is almost always customized to fit in with the local community, especially if it’s out of the country. Different speakers, different issues, and different niches will be covered, so it will be exciting to know what Startup Weekend Chile has in store for the Chileans.

As always, Startup Weekend isn’t just about making money off your crazy but smart ideas, it’s about meeting like-minded people who might be your future business partners. And of course, you’ll be learning all the tricks in creating your own startup business from successful start-uppers themselves.

Startup Weekend Chile is set to begin on December 10 until the 12th. The preparations, speakers, sponsors, and ticket sales are still under wraps, but Startup Weekend will update you as soon as the agenda will be revealed. So keep yourselves posted and check in at Startup Weekend.