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Regions are fueled, applications are open and today StartupBus announced the first 5 regions (of 10) to be selected for this year’s roadtrip-cum-hackathon to SxSW. Florida, Ohio, L.A., Silicon Valley and NYC will be going head-to-head, competing for glory against the best doers in tech. The first five regions were selected based on the caliber of applicants, the buzz generated and sponsorship gathered. New regions will be announced in the upcoming week.


What is StartupBus?

StartupBus is an invitation-only community of hackers, hustlers and hipsters passionate about startups who compete in an annual hackathon-style competition on buses traveling across America at 60 mph towards Austin in time for SxSW, where teams will pitch to top-tier angels and VCs. The competition is intense, the constraints are challenging and the bonds forged are testament to the shared experience Buspreneurs share.





Are you a “Buspreneur”? If you are one of those driven, maniacal world-changers, you’re probably what we’re looking for.

Hackers – You’re more than a coder: you’re a versatile hacker, you’re bad-ass and you do what it takes to get the job done.


Hipsters – UX and UI, Shoot us a link to your portfolio. (n.b. although not a requirement, if you are a front-end coder, please say so.)


Hustlers – Your business acumen is second to none, you pitch in your sleep, you created the bubble. Innately undefinable, hustlers must prove they have the Midas touch.


The buses will be launching from their respective cities on March 6th, the semi-finals will be in San Antonio on March 9th and the grand final will be in Austin in the Startup Village at SxSw on March 11th.

Buses depart respective cities March 6 and arrive in Austin on March 9 to party before the Grand Final at StartupVillage on March 11. To request an invitation, head to StartupBus.com and connect. From there, find a former Buspreneur and ask them to vouch for you.