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It’s been almost two months since Startup Weekend Boston. So to encourage everyone to initiate their own startup or just give inspiration for others to continue their existing one, we’ve found some startups that have been thriving well.

Pinyadda – If you want a single website to collect all the news you want, then Pinyadda is the way to go. Whether it’s the latest gossip about your favorite celeb or the most recent post of your bestfriend, Pinyadda gathers all of these for you. Not only that, Pinyadda also searches for relevant sites and posts that you might also be interested in. Pinyadda also has a “pin-it” feature that makes you begin a discussion thread by “pinning” a post. What’s great about this feature is you can also look through other people’s pins and even add to the discussion there. Pinyadda was conceived by Chase Garbarino and Kevin McCarthy who both wanted to have the “perfect information system” that gets all the information you want in real-time. Looks like they’ve just designed what they wanted, and many people think so too and user numbers are ramping up.

Cykod and Webiva – Website designs should always be beautiful, but must also be easy to navigate. That’s where Cykod and Webiva comes in. Self-described as “a forward-thinking Rails-based web startup looking to change the way you interact and play with the web,” Cykod and Webiva together have built more than 80 websites strong. The startup combines the forces of the right and left hemisphere of the brain through the geniuses of Pascal and Martha Rettig, a husband-and-wife tandem. Pascal handles the programming (the left brain), while Martha tinkers with the design (the right brain).

The Swapaholics – If you want to dispose of your old clothes and get new ones without spending a dime, then you might want to become a certified Swapaholic. The Swapaholics is a string of events that helps shoppers and fashionistas stay trendy by swapping clothes with each other. And you don’t even need to bring a wallet with you. The Swapaholics have already hosted many such “swaps” and are now taking their show to the next level by building a website for it. Amy Chase and Melissa Massello – both confessed to being thrift-shop hunters – came up with the idea of the Swapaholics to let everyone indulge in shopping while helping the environment. Who says you can’t go green with a little shopping?

If you want to get inspired with tons and tons of ideas, then don’t get left behind and join Startup Weekend right now!

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  • Thanks for the (sort of) repost/pingback! Startup Weekend was a great way to get involved in the Boston scene, and I'd be happy to write about other Boston startups for you guys any time!