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In coordination with DC Week [http://digitalcapitalweek.org]  and Global Entrepreneurship Week [http://www.unleashingideas.org/], the US Small Business Administration [http://www.sba.gov] is proud to announce the Apps for Entrepreneurs Challenge.  It’s $20k worth of prizes to help small business and entrepreneurs do better.  I have participated in several Startup Weekends in the past in Washington DC and North Carolina.  It’s always fun to get something up and running in a weekend, but wouldn’t it be better to win a prize and be recognized across the country?  That’s the idea with using Startup Weekend to help us get the word out about the Apps for Entrepreneurs Challenge.

For most entrepreneurs and small businesses, the Federal government has useful programs and services, but it can be hard to identify, engage and navigate Federal websites.  Often, small businesses do not know that the Federal government already offers a program that they would find useful.  Entrepreneurs and small businesses need better tools to navigate the Federal government’s vast resources – including programs, services, and procurement opportunities.  More details are below!

Goal:  The goal of the Apps for Entrepreneurs is to give small businesses and entrepreneurs those better tools through this challenge format to navigate the Federal Government.

Prizes: $20,000 Total Prize Pool – more prizes being announced soon… Why not spend your Startup Weekend building an interesting app?


Opens: November 5th

Closes: November 20th

Winners Announced: November 23rd


Basic Rules [Full Rules at http://entrepreneurs.challenge.gov/rules] : 

  • The ideal customer for your app would be a small business or entrepreneur.

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