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Startup Weekend Austin was brought to a close two weeks ago, and the event saw more than was expected. Over 50 people came over to participate, coming over not just from Austin, but from all over the country: Dallas, Houston, Boston, DC, and San Antonio, to name a few. Even folks from Monterrey, Mexico came to join in on the fun.

Eventually, three teams made it to the top. CrowdCrop came in third with its startup idea of turning buyers into capital. Basically, you can pitch your startup idea at the site, and your customers can vote for you via a few dollars. In the end, you might just get the funding you need to make it big.

The first-runner up was ProdWar. It’s made as a site for you to get some advice from your buddies if you’re looking to buy some things. ProdWar will help you look for the products you want in Amazon.com, and link them up with your Facebook account, so all the comments and advice your friends give will be aggregated in the site.

Instavents was the winning team. With the catchphrase “One Event at a Time,” Instavents is a site that lets people discover local events in a new way. They took home a lot of prizes, which included a Venture Forth Program from TechRanchAustin, and filing fees from StartupLawyer, among many other great prizes.

So for those of you who didn’t get the chance to join us, you’re welcome to participate for the next Startup Weekend event. So keep tabs on our site and see you soon!