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Sunday Pitch Order

The Startup Weekend Richmond teams have really transformed over the weekend and we’re excited for them to pitch for all of you this evening.

If you haven’t purchased your Sunday Presentation Viewing Ticket, you can do so here. Presentations begin at 6:00pm at the Virginia War Memorial.

And now, drum roll please….the pitching order!

[UPDATE] Check out the original Friday night pitches by tonight’s teams to get a taste of how they’ve changed.

Start Virginia

WedSpark – A social community for finding and sharing wedding ideas visually.

Reward My Journey – Aligning small businesses in the fight to attract new customers, and rewarding customers for staying loyal to locally owned small businesses!

Mobstarter – Your crowd. See It Develop. Make It Happen.

Light the Music – Music creation application for iPad.

FireBuildr – Crowdsourcing ideation to simplify creation, we’re fueling the discovery process by connecting users and sparking collaboration.

ShareGrown – Share abundance to grow vibrant communities.

Event Space – The one-stop hub to list and/or find space for corporate and special interest organizations.

Simple Survey – Making it easier to get high quality, actionable customer feedback and competitor benchmarking.

Skipr – Stop waiting in line and start enjoying yourself.

Creative Core – Developing an interactive questionnaire to help creative designers get better information form clients at project inception.

Sangline – Facilitate the online shopping process by providing users with a highly curated service based around idealized, 1-dimensional “characters”, or “archetypes”.

Roho Brosa – Provide the music community a website to find a new artist, and fellow musicians and venues.

Joey Figaro