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LaunchValet.com – The One Stop Shop for Startups

Startup companies waste a lot of time and money on things other than their product, such as launch
pages, finding and connecting with their beta users, and getting feedback from their beta users.
LaunchValet’s focus is to quickly give startups everything they need, except their actual product.

Launch Valet is a group of Startup Weekend Chandler AZ Alumni that met while working on different
projects (Ben Hall – Developer, Craig Lewis & Mark Hobson Jr. – Marketing & Business) Craig & Mark
had an “AHA” moment when trying to create a beta invite page for their product Eintro (one of the
advancing concepts at SW Chandler) to capture user interaction and contact information. They then
reach out to Ben to see if he’d be interested in helping companies like Eintro that had the ideas but
couldn’t really do the simple stuff like set up a launch page or virally invite testers and users. Ben
immediately gravitated to the concept. LaunchValet was born!

LaunchValet is a lean startup that we built and launched in 2 weeks. The LV team was excited and
raring to go, so they decided to attend two Startup Weekends in the same weekend, San Francisco and
Chicago, and started spreading the word about LaunchValet! We will be at SW Baton Rouge as well.

LaunchValet has just achieved “Beta” status and we are making it available to Startup Weekend
attendees for free to use, abuse and give us feedback.

There is a lot of work left to be done, and as Startup Weekend Alums we can appreciate all the hard
work every attendee is putting into their projects – and we’re no exception! We are passionate about
the participation and success of Startup Weekend and all the attendees. Our goal is to save the
attendees time, don’t worry about the Launch page, its easy to set up with LV, quickly invite testers
and users from anywhere with a custom invite page, and get immediate feedback and general market
research on your idea with our easy to use Survey template

Focus on your projects and let LaunchValet handle the invite & launch page for free. Be a part of the
startup up and launch community, sign up with Launch Valet today to win a chance to tell your startup/
launch story! www.LaunchValet.com



Ben, Craig & Mark



  • Mark Hobson Sr.

    Sounds like a GREAT Idea!