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Wanted to let you all know that starting Monday, August 1st we will be updating the backend of startupweekend.org & affiliate cities. Please take notice that things might break, posts might get lost (if saved during/around said time frame), earth’s magnetic poles might switch, weird meteorological phenomenons might occur, hell might break lose!

In case any of these bad bad terrible things happen, do not panic, go take a long-hot-relaxing bath, do some yoga, drink a glass of red wine, get creative with whatever puts you in a good mood. After that you can e-mail me at anca @ startupweekend.org and let me know what is it that I broke and I promise it shall be fixed asap…unless I get 7837468394 complaint meany evil emails, in which case I will probably quit and you’ll never hear from me again.

I wish us all luck! May the good fairies of the interwebs be on our side!

Anca F.