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Startup Weekend is thrilled to welcome an alumni as our newest Global Sponsor!  CloudMine, a startup born at Startup Weekend Philly in February 2011, has come full circle and is now offering their support and services to the entire Startup Weekend community.

Born at Startup Weekend
CloudMine co-founders Brendan McCorkle and Marc Weil met at what was each their first Startup Weekend.  On that Friday night, Brendan pitched an idea related to consumer data backup for mobile phones, and although the pitch received lots of votes, there wasn’t a developer on the team to start building the team’s vision. Despite the lack of technical work, Marc, who had worked with another team, was still intrigued by the idea.  Although they were strangers before SW Philly, once they started working, Brendan and Marc realized they had a shared vision, complementary skills (business and tech), and both had previous entrepreneurial experience.  They decided to work together on what would become CloudMine.

What is CloudMine?
CloudMine is a platform that eliminates the need for mobile app developers to build custom backend solutions for their mobile apps. It provides out-of-the-box all of the services that developers typically build themselves server-side so they can focus on getting their apps to market faster and for significantly less money.

Giving Back During Startup Weekend and Beyond
The Startup Weekend community has played a big role in CloudMine’s journey.  From co-founders who met at SW Philly in February 2011 to the public beta launch at SW Philly in October, and beyond, the CloudMine team (which also includes fellow co-founder Ilya Braude) is committed to supporting and engaging with the Startup Weekend community.  From attending events in person and offering monetary and in-kind services, to serving as impromptu mentors, the CloudMine team is all about giving back.

To learn more about CloudMine, click here.