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After attending Startup Weekend Evansville, Demi Wetzel began referring to herself as ‘Demi 2.0.’  “My life has done a complete 180 from what it used to be and I could not be happier,” she explains on her blog, “I can honestly say I have become a person I am proud to be.  I have learned that if I cannot make myself happy then I cannot expect someone else to do the job.”

For Demi, Startup Weekend was all about building relationships:

“My participation in Startup Weekend had connected me to numerous like-minded individuals and for the first time I was understood.” 

These relationships enabled Demi to understand and utilize her own interests more effectively and build her self-confidence.  Pushing herself out of her comfort zone helped Demi to build a strong network and begin to take her interests more seriously – recognizing that with the right people, she could build her own community and do the things she was most passionate about.

“While I am no longer with my original team from the weekend, the major result I found were the relationships! I met some of my closest friends & business partners at Startup Weekend Evansville.  The main reason I found it to be so successful is that you are given the chance to meet people with such similar interests yet very different backgrounds. To me, SW was all about the relationships built.”

Although Demi admits to being a little “work-obsessed” lately, she wouldn’t trade it for anything.  She explains, “What I have come to realize is that in order to be happy, to be successful, and to be you, one must find that point where things took a turn for the better.  Be so sure of yourself that you can stand alone in a room of people who should intimidate you but they don’t.”

Demi has since taken on the role of Editor in Chief and writer at New Ink through a connection made at Startup Weekend, and she continues to write for Inkable.co.  Demi will also be an Organizer for the 2nd Evansville Startup Weekend in February.

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