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Startup Weekend Las Vegas alum Launch Key wanted to find a way to eliminate the hassle of maintaining and using countless personal passwords – a function that they believe to be outdated.  The team came up with a simplified solution over the weekend that enables the smart phone user to essentially “de-activate” password logins through user-approved push notifications (operating as check-ins to validate permission from the user).

The team consisted of three people who had never attended a Startup Weekend before.  At one point, a fourth team member joined the team when they realized they needed a developer – Mike Manzano (founder of Counterless, another previous Startup Weekend team).  Manzano is a self-proclaimed “startup junkie” and proved to be an asset to the team as they reached a critical moment that demanded a solid developer.

The team competed against 11 other startups on Sunday night, all of which showed potential for continuing on after the weekend, according to one of the judges, Jason Mendenhall (Executive Vice President of Cloud at Switch).

Third place went to InstaGripe, an app that addresses the desire of customers who want to share a viable complaint and have their remarks heard.  The second place team, DoneMet, aims to remove the hassle of scheduling conflicts and impersonal appointments by organizing schedules more efficiently and eliminating the “back-and-forth” between attendees that often slows down the process.









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