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 With a new baby girl, 26-year-old Nagla Metwally wanted access to useful, accurate information about childcare.  “18 months ago, I wanted to find a good   nursery for my daughter.  It was difficult for me to go and visit every nursery in my neighborhood to find a suitable nursery for my child. I looked on the      internet too but did not find the information I needed,” Nagla explains.

Metwally took this problem to Startup Weekend Cairo in 2011 – the first Startup Weekend to be held in the region.  Over the course of the weekend, Nagla built Hadanty.net, a nursery directory focused on Egypt.  “I decided to create a website to help mothers like me to find the nurseries that they want.  I created the website and collected all information about nurseries including all nursery features, photos, video, hosting prices and anything that any mother needs to know.  I also have a list of recommended nurseries that I visited and reviewed myself.”  

What started as a practical solution to a problem that Nagla was experiencing soon evolved into a startup with enough momentum to begin bringing in profit.  “My husband helped me to publish the website. I offered a free registration for nurseries then.  Nurseries started to contact me for advertisements, offers, and discounts and then I started to earn money,” Nagla says.

As the site popularity grew, more than 1,000 nurseries registered and ten subscribed for monthly fees.  Nagla eventually signed deals with three different companies.  Most recently, two major baby food companies contacted Nagla, offering to partner with her to provide healthy food for nurseries. What is next for Nagla? “I’m planning to expand the business and hire more people and turn it into a real startup very soon.”

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