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Feeling run down at work, Travis Street made a last-minute decision and bought a ticket to a London Startup Weekend 2 days before the event.  On opening night, Travis pitched an idea for a tool that would help predictive analytics using social influence predict the success of startups called “predictthemarket.”

After opening night pitches, Travis and the rest of the Startup Weekend attendees began “hunting” each other, he explains.  After teaming up with a developer, he frantically sought out a designer; “I think we had twenty minutes … (the time flew by) and I refused to accept anyone else because I couldn’t find a designer. So with about a minute left a guy came up to me and say he was a product manager and I took one look at him and said “you’re in!”. Best split second decision of my life!” Travis explains.

With the smallest team at the event, the group began working around the clock; “Our idea quickly turned towards fashion … and thanks to the help of the mentors (who were awesome) we formed a product called Trendset.me that had a ‘hot or not’ functionality to crowdsource market research on fashion items. We worked crazy hard and built a working prototype which we presented and ended up winning second prize of ‘most likely to get funding’”, he explains.

Travis is with the same team today, and they have become some of his best friends – “we love working with eachother and haven’t missed a weekly production meeting in over a year”, he says.  Shortly after Startup Weekend, the team decided to re-brand and develop a company similar to their initial concept called “Style Gauge Ltd.”  The team works out of the Google campus in London and they are preparing to partner with two companies shortly and launch an app in the next few weeks.

Apart from connecting Travis with an awesome team, Startup Weekend impacted his perspective about entrepreneurship altogether. He writes,

“SW gave me the courage to start my own company which is a web design and social media agency and we have some pretty big clients now – none of which I would have had the guts to do if I wasn’t forced to do it all at SW! Also, I’m now an equity advisor to two other startup companies. So basically, Startup Weekend was the genesis of my entrepreneurial aspirations.”

Find out more about Style Gauge Ltd. here: http://stylegauge.com/

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