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This year, Global Startup Battle took place in 61 countries with over 10,000 participants.  Startup Weekend headquarters went into “all hands on deck” mode and dispersed around the world to help Facilitate events.  Everyone returned from their GSB travels with their own battle stories – and when we all shared some of our experiences with one another, we realized we had a lot of incredible stories to write about and share with the rest of the Startup Weekend community.  Below is a list of everyone’s GSB destinations and a Google map representing where everyone traveled to (with links to some of their stories!).


  • Adam: Japan
  • Brett: Ghana
  • John: London and Stavanger
  • Danielle: Manchester and Zagreb
  • Tawnee: Sydney  and Brisbane
  • Zach: Davao and Cebu City
  • Gus: Guadalajara and Ciudad Juarez
  • Anca: Bucharest
  • Steven: Tulsa and Copenhagen
  • Khalid: Toronto
  • Sheikh: Milwaukee, WI
  • Franck: Boston, MA
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