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Nuflick is a crowd distribution platform for filmmakers. Movies are free through social interactions and viewers actively support creators. By experimenting with different features we are trying to create an interesting experience for the viewer. It’s not just about watching movies, it’s about sharing, socializing and empowering creators.

We focus in finding a sustainable way to distribute films, short films and web series through a community of supporters, similar to Kickstarter but for projects that are already finished.

Six months ago we found ourselves in Startup Weekend Mexico City (the first edition in our country!). At the beginning we saw ourselves as a service for independent filmmakers to upload their movies to a video on demand rental platform, where their followers, film fans and everyone interested could rent quality entertaining movies which don’t get the attention or distribution of mainstream entertainment.

Startup Weekend helped us discover we were ready to jump into the startup train. Through the weekend we gave everything we could and more, we developed a product concept, art concept, business model and a working prototype. We ran through thousands of numbers, templates, lines of code and hours practicing our sales pitch.

All that effort was worth it, we won first place… It was not the idea, it was the execution. We made the delivery expected from passionate people who love what they’re doing. We worked as a startup.

The next couple of days after Startup Weekend changed our lives, we wanted to continue working on the project because we all saw potential in it. Some decided to continue with their life priorities, some of us decided to quit our jobs and make NuFlick our new life priority.

MexicanVC, a Silicon Valley Seed Fund for Mexican Internet Startups, approached us with the intention to invest in us. It was all happening so fast, we couldn’t hesitate, we said yes. The decision wasn’t an easy one, it took us some time to figure out how and why, but the support and encouragement from friends, family and mentors made us understand that we could make it happen.

We have traveled a short but intense journey that looks and feels promising, we have already set up the screen, the sound, made some popcorn, turned the lights out and we’ve settled ourselves in the sofa. We are now ready to press play to a movie about a startup that is trying to change the world (or at least film distribution).