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As the photo sharing space continues to grow at exponential rates, Startup Weekend alum Tell it in 10 steps up to the plate with a solution to all the clutter. Their website lets users search through all of the photos they’ve uploaded across multiple social networks using keywords just as if they were performing a Google search and then curate and share short photo stories.

The company formed during the October 2011 Startup Weekend in Portland, Oregon and just three months later, the company, led by Founder and CEO Eli Rubel announced that they would be sending out their first round of Alpha invitations to the platform.

“Every day it seems as though a new app is released making it easier to quickly upload our photos to the social network of our choosing,” Rubel said. Our images are scattered all over the web and people are over-sharing. Just as Twitter restricted users to 140 characters, Tell it in 10 provides a platform for users to curate meaningful stories in batches of ten from images aggregated across all of their social networks. We are creating a community of de-cluttered visual storytelling.”

If you weren’t all ready on the invite list, you can request an invite from their homepage and Rubel says it won’t be too long before they send out their next wave of codes.

To get an invite to Tell it in 10’s alpha launch, head over to their website: www.tellitin10.com.