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Danish eye tracking company The Eye Tribe (formed at last year’s SW Mobile event in Copenhagen!) is leading a major technology project developing eye  control for mobile devices. The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation has granted USD 2.3 Million to the project.

The Danish government aims at making Denmark one of the world’s leading technological societies. Eye control for mobile devices has enormous potential, and looks to be one of the projects that will drive innovation in Denmark. This is why the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation has decided to support the USD 4.4 Million project developing eye tracking for mobile devices led by Danish eye tracking company The Eye Tribe. The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation is funding USD 2.3 Million of the project, with no strings attached and taking no equity stake in any of the partnering companies, all in the name of job creation and innovation in Denmark. The project aims to develop eye tracking technology for mobile devices in a 360 degrees approach.   “By having partners such as LEGO and Serious Games Interactive we not only prove that eye tracking can be integrated in a mobile device, but we also make sure that we have the necessary use cases to show that the technology is useful” says The Eye Tribe CEO, Sune Alstrup Johansen. 

Secure log-in without hands, automatic scrolling on your smartphone and eye controlled games for education are just some of the use cases the project is aiming at realizing. Eye tracking is inevitably going to become one of the interaction inputs for the future human-computer interfaces, according to Associate Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen, John Paulin Hansen. “However, eye tracking is in many ways still in its infancy, and bringing eye tracking to a mobile device setting is not trivial. With this project we have the necessary resources to mature our technology to the mass market applications, and build the appropriate user interfaces and applications for eye control on mobile devices,” Sune continues. The company is planning to release a development kit available next year for game and app developers. “We believe that by making our SDK available for all the best developers out there, they will find the best ways to use eye control on smartphones and tablets.”

“This is an amazing opportunity for The Eye Tribe. The funding will help us build a strong position in the market, and sustain our competitive advantage by having a strong R&D backbone that is usually not possible in a startup of our size. We will be able to build a strong development team earlier than otherwise, and we have high expectations to the collaboration with Lego, Serious Games and the two universities,” says Johansen.


 More about The Eye Tribe: 

The Eye Tribe is known for the award-winning software that enables eye control for mobile devices. The Eye Tribe technology can be implemented into a wide range of products from monitors, mobile devices, computers, gaming consoles and cars.

The Eye Tribe was founded by four former PhD students from IT University of Copenhagen at Startup Weekend Copenhagen and through their participation in the European Startup Bootcamp accelerator program in 2011. The team now includes 11 full time employees, building eye tracking software and applications for mobile devices. Earlier this summer The Eye Tribe received seed funding of USD 800K, from private European investors.

For more information please visit: www.theeyetribe.com

See a demonstration video at: www.youtu.be/ef0qLb8-4k8

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