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We’ve taken a cue from our friends in Groningen and rethought the way we’re describing the tickets we have on offer for Startup Weekend Utrecht.

Historically most Startup Weekend events label their tickets with titles like Developer, Designer and Non-Technical. We’re doing it differently because we don’t feel those terms accurately describe all the types of people that should attend a Startup Weekend. They ‘re a little geared to software and a Startup Weekend is so much more than that.

Startup Weekend is an event for all types of people who want to start business that do all kinds of things. It’s true that technology and software is essential to virtually all businesses but it might not be the core-most aspect of the company.

Regardless of what company you want to startup, we want you do it at Startup Weekend because it’s a fun and fast way to learn.

With this in mind, the new ticket types and examples of who might purchase them are:

This is the ticket for people who make things real.
Examples include: Engineers, Product makers, Software developers, Hackers and Makers.

This ticket is for people who people who design things.
Examples include: Product designers, Visual designers, Graphic designers, User Interface/Experience designers, Usability designers.

This ticket is for people that make businesses work.
Examples include: Sales, Marketing, Finance, Strategy, Operations, HR.

If you don’t fit in the creator or designer ticket, the Business ticket is for you.

Head over to our website for more about the event or jump to Eventbrite and grab your tickets right away!

Dwight Gunning