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Here are the winners of the funniest tweets yesterday! The winners get a free ticket to any of the upcoming Startup Weekend events!

  1. @EmekaPatrick “b/c times are rough, NY rents are high, & I’m so behind on bills I live in fear of my organs being repossessed #swfreetix
  2. @Janabriggs “I deserve a ticket because my app can be implemented in 5 lines & adds 0 value to life as we know it.”
  3. @Perezda “Driving from CA to TX this week. Need free tix for #swdallas so I have something relaxing to do next week :)”
  4. @baxie404 “I deserve a #swfreetix because 9 out of 10 doctors agree a false sense of entitlement makes for healthy teeth!”
  5. And @kelraye78 who submitted 3 tweets!
  • I need #swfreetix because the last time someone gave me SEED money, i thought he said WEED money! My bad.
  • Giving away 5 free tickets to any of upcoming events! Funniest Tweets why u deserve 1, use#swfreetix
  • Running two servers via satellite 20 yards from the chicken coop in backwoods OK, need #swfreetickets for Granny and EllyMae

Tell your friends to go and stay tuned! More #swfreetix to come!

How to claim (if you havent already) send me an email at marc at startupweekend dot org and mention #swfreetix