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It’s Day 2 of Miami University’s third annual Startup Weekend and we’re so impressed by what we’ve seen so far!  Pitches have been made, teams have formed, ideas have been generated, and the whole building is buzzing with entrepreneurial energy!

Hopefully you’ve been following our real-time updates via Twitter (@Miami_ENT and #SWMU), but we wanted to give our followers a more in-depth look at the progress so far.  Here’s a rundown of each team and their startup strategy!



Team Members: Nick Eaton, Sydney Reichert, Maddie Slattery, Corbin Scherzinger, Mike Coutre, and Brian Watson

Team YWalk begs the question “Why walk when you can ride?” YWalk seeks to implement bike-sharing systems on college campuses across the country!


Recruitment App

Team Members: Abigail Purdum, Marissa Horwitz, Margaret Ledbetter, Rachel Seminara, Allyson Yoder, and Stuart Yamartino

This team is on a mission to improve the recruitment process for student organizations.  Their app will create a customizable database for evaluating candidates.  Their hope is that this app will redesign the current paper system to a completely paperless process.


Teach & Train

Team members: Taylor Wicks, Lizzie Arington, Anna Leone, Hannah Corner, Andrew Kozlove, and Ishmael Lucus

Teach & Train recognizes that the educational system doesn’t always engage students the way it should.  They hope to drive success in middle childhood education by catering education to students’ passions and drive.


Fish Tank

Team members: Alexa Davis, Jose Avila, Lawlor Coe, Travis  Amburgy, Tyler Guyot, and Mitchell Budden

Like all good entrepreneurs, team Fish Tank recognized a problem: there is no single location for students with different skills to connect.  For example, if an organization needs a designer, they can be hard to find.  Fish Tank will be a talent platform to connect students in need of services with those looking to market their skills.


Prestige Worldwide

Team members: Nathan Bosse, Cole Ciambro, Brett Watson, Zach Liston, Alan Sincich, and Zach Drago

Prestige Worldwide wants to revolutionize the world of event Planning.  Their system will create a one-step registration, check-in, and payment process to help event hosts manage a spontaneous guests list.



Team members: Tyler Perkowitz is flying solo on this one!

Chances offers users the chance to win free tickets through an online raffling platform.  This gives venues a chance to promote themselves while offering users the opportunity to attend events they might otherwise not afford.



Team members: Joseph Mezher, Joe Lane, Brian Samuels, Brian Munn, Javon Campbell, and Michael Anthony

As students, these entrepreneurs know that sometimes it’s hard to stay connected with friends throughout the day.  BarChatter is a social media solution that seeks to enhance communication between friends.  With features like geofencing and group chat, you will know where your friends are for different events.


Chasing Geese

Team members: Lex Rovi, Blake Jackson, Adam Ferraco, Taylor Martin, and Richard Werden

Chasing Geese wants to put interactive novels at the forefront of reades’ minds. They want to create a place for buyers to purchase them and to inform other customers on what an interactive novel is.



Team members: Michael Wallace, Rebecca Peets, Forrest McGuire, Carol Xhang, Nick Perry, Sebastian E

Team Passport found that there was no good system of communication for young travelers to communicate.  Passport seeks to solve that problem by creating a platform for young travelers to connect with one another while abroad.



Team members: Yadong Qi, Valeriy Voronin, and Jingxuan Li

This team’s mission is to to provide access to farmable property for parking.


Interactive Learner

Team members: Tom Pfeiffer, Logan McGovern, Matthew Rieger, David Gorley, Connor Dickey, Andy Shear, Eric Bode, Cole Desmond, and Jeremy Oseas

As students, this team knows that sometimes it’s hard to ask questions in class. They are creating a mobile-faced platform that strengthens the connection and interaction between the teachers and the students.



Team members: Max Brundige, Erica Griffith, Ashley Vanbuskirk, Kristina Graham, Jacob Sachs, Michael Henry, and Jeff Feiwell

Remember the frustrating process of applying for college scholarships?  There is no streamlined funding process for students looking to affordably attend college.  PocketChange will be a crowdfunding platform for students to connect with investors willing to partially fund their college education.



Team members: Jeremy Cohen, Bryan Cooper, Caitlin McCoy, Andrea Fiegel, Colton Reif, and Laura Meyer

We all struggle to cook because we don’t know how to use the food we have, or we forget what’s in the fridge!  KitchenSync wants to provide automated recipes by scanning grocery receipts and taking an inventory of what’s already in the fridge and cupboards.



Team members: JP Kostelnik and Jason Plagens

This duo knows that employee satisfaction is key to retaining good employees.  Their boutique consulting firm specializes in helping employers provide their employees with everything they need to manage a healthy work/life balance.


Breakfast Bar

Team members: Andrew George, Katy Hord, Liza Hord, and Coli Basinski

Team Breakfast Bar wants to provide college students with an inexpensive, all-you-can-eat breakfast option Friday through Sunday.  Hosted in the bar formerly known as Stadium, Breakfast Bar will be open from 8am-2:30pm and even offer mimosas!



Team members: Michael Markesbery and Rithvik Venna

Michael and Rithvik are building their brand around outdoor gear that is warm, lightweight, low bulk and strong.



Team members: Kedar Khire and Frank Smith

Pedal is an app-based marketplace for students to easily buy and sell anything they want! Connecting buyers and sellers more quickly.


And there you have it!  But in the world of startup, ideas are constantly changing, evolving, and pivoting.  So stay tuned for final pitches tomorrow starting at 1:30pm to hear the final products!

Jessica Reading