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52 hours have passed. A lot of energy, no doubt we are powered by LYSE, and a lot of excitement here at Innovation Dock.

Our amazing Jury, Simen, Jonas, Brage and Sashko have selected the 3 winners after a lot of debating, even if all teams are winners in Startup Weekend.

All teams were excellent and competition was hard. And without further ado, the winners of Startup Weekend Stavanger May 2017 are:

  • First place goes to : Senso Kids
    • Winning 10 hours of counselling with Validé
    • Winning 1 free Month at Innovation Dock
    • Also selected as Crowds favourite: winning 10 Cinema tickets
  • Second place goes to : AI Maths
    • Winning 1 free Month at Creator MakerSpace
    • Also selected as Crowds favourite: winning a lot of cups
  • Third place goes to : Russerådet
    • Winning 1 free Month at Biz&Buzz
    • Winning Half-Day Workshop with Halogen

All our teams are winners.

Mohamed Jaidane Mohamed Jaidane
Results-driven and creative technical professional with various experiences in Oil&Gas operations and engineering. Strong competencies thanks to a large set of skills acquired thru a multidisciplinary education, an international and broad career and involvement in several challenging projects and ventures in Oil&Gas and education, as well as several personnel projects in various disciplines.

Co-founder and CTO of Sciencia. Founder of The Polymath Company